The TRUTH about any Content Creator

You and I are the same. We’re creators just trying to get better at the thing that inspires us and with that we share the insecurities and pitfalls of the creator. In this post I’m going to outline what those are and hopefully how you can overcome them.

The Struggles

From the beginning of time anyone who has sought the profession of artist or creator has dealt with the feelings of inadequacy, fear, direction, and perfection. If you look at creators you’ll see lots of unfinished works, hidden paintings, and unfinished films it’s the creator who works through those struggles that succeed.

I’ve learned that we’ve got to become comfortable with the presence of those struggles because if we don’t it’ll consume you. For far too long it has consumed me and I’m here to tell you that today is the day you change because I believe you can do it. I know that because I’m doing it, it isn’t easy but it’s doable and just like any other hard thing we do the longer you do it the easier it is to get over it.


If you’re someone who has never been insecure about your work or your passions that bravo!

Please share with us how you do it because we’d all love to hear it, but for the rest of us it’s a struggle to think that we’re good enough to do what we hope to do.

Now I’m no mean an expert at any of these but what I’ve personally found to help me get over inadequacy has been understanding that everyone who steps onto the path of a creator starts somewhere. It might take you two years to get to being able to draw the pictures you take and another six months. It doesn’t matter! It’s not about keeping up with Picasso it’s about your journey and you learning from each project.

The biggest reason you’re feeling inadequate is because you haven’t finished enough projects.

Stop thinking and just do more work.


We have fear of all sorts of stuff whether it be fear of not being good enough or fear of stating. It is there and it’s something that we have to learn to live with.

Fear is something that holds us back from overcoming some of our greatest work and I think Eleanor Roosevelt said it best.

You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Now I don’t think creating a video, a podcast, or blog post is a horrific event BUT it is hard and so the next time you go to start a project you’ll be more likely start and finish a project because you did it before.


Ever creator I’ve ever worked with, spoken to, or followed has dealt with at least one if not all of these pitfalls and I hope that you’ll avoid them all together by just reading them and hopefully internalizing them to be more prepared when you notice them creeping into your own life.

Not Doing Enough because of Gear Lust

Stop me if you’ve had this though. “If only I had a drone I’d go out and make more adventure films, if I only had a gimbal I would be able to make more amazing product videos, or if I had this one camera I could land better photo clients.”

Now although there isn’t anything wrong with thinking these thoughts it is a roadblock that hinders to many creators from creating more content because they get stuck in the what I call the if only cycle.

Producing far less amount of content that you’d hope to produce because you’re stuck watching the endless amount of content on YouTube about a camera you want. Arguing over the same question someone else asked about what lens to buy on Facebook.

I’m here to tell myself and all of you to stop it!

Being Over Critical of Your Work

This one if not addressed at the beginning of your journey can really be detrimental to the long term progression of your creative journey.

Don’t let your inner creative director stop you from the creating your next piece.

The biggest roadblock to any artist is themselves sometimes it shows up as an inner voice that tells you “I couldn’t do it when I was 11 so I can’t do it now,” or perhaps it’s “No one is watching my videos I’m just going to stop.

In other instances it’s the crushing tendency of perfectionism that stops us. The thoughts of shame that comes from putting something out that doesn’t feel good enough. Thinking that what you’re working on will be judged by others even though it’s all in our heads.

I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t matter what people think. That being putting out crappy work is okay! That our journey to becoming experts or professionals is a journey and that even when we are professionals or experts we will still make crappy work and that’s okay.

Wrap Up

My posts always tend to get long but I hope that they are helpful and informative.

If you made it this far, thank you! 🙏 If you only take one thing away from this post, let it be that we are all in the journey together just at different parts on the trail.

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